EaseUS Data Recovery for PC

EaseUS Data Recovery
EaseUS Data Recovery
Device: Windows
Size: 2MB
Version: 15.6
Developers:eASE US
Updated on: 10/26/2023

We rely on our computers to store critical data, papers, images, and more in this digital age. However, anyone can experience data loss at any time for a variety of causes, including system failures, hard disk failure, and inadvertent deletion. It’s crucial to have a trustworthy data recovery tool by your side in case of emergency. One such tool that can easily assist you in recovering your lost files is EaseUS Data Recovery. This post will go into the realm of EaseUS Data Recovery, going over its features, description, usage instructions, answers to commonly asked questions, and efficacy conclusion.

To assist you in recovering lost, erased, or formatted data from your PC, EaseUS Data Recovery is a robust and intuitive data recovery tool. It can help you recover your data, regardless of the type of file you lost—precious family images, crucial work documents, or any other kind of file.


When it comes to data recovery software, EaseUS Data Recovery stands out thanks to its abundance of functionality. Among its notable characteristics are:

  1. Adaptable Data Recovery

Numerous file kinds, including images, movies, audio, documents, emails, and more, can be recovered with EaseUS Data Recovery. Because of its adaptability, you may use it to recover a variety of data formats, so you won’t ever have to be concerned about losing important business data or priceless memories.

  1. Interface That’s Easy to Use

Because of its straightforward and clear user interface, users of various ability levels can easily utilize the software. Regardless of your level of computer experience, you can operate the software with ease and complete data recovery operations without any problems.

  1. Options for a Fast and Thorough Scan

EaseUS Data Recovery provides choices for both rapid and thorough scans. While the deep scan is capable of retrieving data from formatted devices or more complicated data loss scenarios, the rapid scan is ideal for retrieving recently deleted files.

  1. A Sneak Peek before Healing

With EaseUS Data Recovery, you can preview a file before determining whether to recover it. By ensuring that you only retrieve the data you require, this function helps you save time and disk space.

  1. Sort and Filter Outcomes

You can easily find the exact files you’re looking for in the scan results thanks to the many filtering and sorting options. When you have a lot of recoverable files, this option can really save you time.

  1. Results of the Export and Import Scan

Additionally, you may import and export scan findings with EaseUS Data Recovery. This implies that you won’t need to rescan the entire drive if you decide to pause a recovery process, save the scan findings, and resume the recovery at a later date.


How to Use?

The method of using EaseUS Data Recovery is simple. Take these easy methods to get your lost data back:

Download and Install: Get the software from the official EaseUS website, install it on your computer, and follow the instructions.

Choose a Location: After starting the application, choose the directory where your files were lost.

Scan: To start a brief scan, click the “Scan” button. For more thorough results, you can perform a deep scan if you are unable to locate the files you are looking for.

Preview and Recover: You can examine a list of the files that can be recovered when the scan is finished. After making your selections, click “Recover” to get them back.

Select a Storage place: To prevent overwriting the lost data, select an alternative drive or storage place to store your recovered information.

Finish the Recuperation: Your files will be restored once the software has finished its recovery operation.


What is the cost of this software?

A1: The quantity of data you can recover via free trial version is limited. You’ll need to buy a license in order to use it fully.

Q2: Can Mac users utilize this?

A2: It is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.

Q3: Is it possible to get files back from a formatted drive?

A3: It is capable of retrieving data from lost or erased partitions, in addition to formatted drives.

Q4: Is it safe to use?

A4: It is safe to use the software. It won’t do any damage to your machine or data.


You may easily recover your lost information with the help of EaseUS Data Recovery free, a dependable and feature-rich data recovery application. Both inexperienced and seasoned users will find it to be an excellent alternative because to its robust capabilities, intuitive design, and quick and thorough scan options. Although a free trial is offered, purchasing a license will enable this software to reach its full potential and guarantee that you can retrieve all the data you require in urgent circumstances. Avoid being caught off guard by data loss by using Eases Data Recovery to confidently recover your priceless files by downloading it from our website betaprofile.