Device: Android
Size: 600MB
Version: 3
Developers: rockstar
Updated on: 10/15/2023

Few games have had such a lasting impact in the ever-evolving world of mobile gaming as the well-known Grand Theft Auto series. GTA 3 APK opens the door to a massive open-world adventure that has enthralled players for years, providing your Android device with endless fun. We’ll dive into the world of GTA 3 APK in this blog article, going through its features, description, how to use it, download procedure, FAQs, and our assessment of this incredible game.

You may explore a vast urban playground that is brimming with illegal activity, colorful personalities, and an engrossing plot in GTA 3 APK. You’ll immerse yourself in an organized criminal universe set in the fictitious Liberty City, where decisions you make will have far-reaching effects. As Claude, your character, makes his way across this dangerous terrain in search of wealth and retribution, he faces several challenges. This game provides an exciting gaming experience that goes beyond conventional mobile gaming thanks to its captivating story and realistic gameplay.


  1. Open World Freedom: The GTA 3 APK gives you complete access to Liberty City, allowing you to roam the area, take on tasks, and let loose your inner anarchy without being constrained by a predetermined plot.
  2. Diverse Missions: GTA 3 provides a wide variety of tasks to keep players interested, from racing and escort missions to heists and killings.
  3. Gorgeous visuals: The Android-friendly APK version offers stunning visuals and a seamless gameplay experience.
  4. Control Customization: Adjust the control scheme to your liking to guarantee a flawless Android gaming experience.

How to Get:

It’s simple to use GTA 3 APK on your Android smartphone:

Download: Get the APK file from a reliable source (we’ll go into more depth about this in the section that follows).

Installation: Open your device’s settings and enable installs from unknown sources before installing the APK file.

Launch: Once the software is open, you may begin exploring Liberty City.

Download GTA 3 APK

GTA 3 APK download for Android might be a little challenging. The official version of the game may not be accessible on the Google Play Store due to copyright and licensing difficulties.

  1. Reputable Sources: Look for forums and websites that are renowned for offering safe APK files. Avoid falling for con artists or unreliable sources.
  2. Allow Unknown Sources: Go into the settings of your Android device and allow the installation of apps from unidentified sources.
  3. Download and Install: Open the GTA 3 APK file that you downloaded from a reliable source, then follow the installation instructions.

Recall that downloading games from unreliable sources can be risky for your security, so use caution.


Is it free to download the game?

A: It’s true that you can download GTA 3 APK for free from the internet, but you should only do it from reliable sources.

Can I use the Game APK offline?

A: You may play the game offline without an internet connection after downloading and installing it.

Is Grand Theft Auto III available on official mobile platforms?

A: Since the developer, Rockstar Games, hasn’t produced an official mobile version, the main method to play the game on Android is via APK downloads.

In summary

This beloved game is given new life with the GTA 3 APK for Android, which lets players explore Liberty City’s criminal underworld on their smartphones. Numerous objectives, a vast open environment, and a compelling story provide hours of fun gaming. But use caution while downloading the APK—it’s important to make sure your source is trustworthy in order to prevent any security risks. Get ready to go on an incredible criminal adventure as you immerse yourself in the gritty world of Grand Theft Auto III on your Android smartphone.