Tag After School APK and iPA

tag after school
tag after school
Device: android
Size: 98MB
Developers: TAG After School
Updated on:1/25/2024

Take on the role of Shota-Kun and use Tag After School to fulfill your dreams. By clicking the link below, you can download Tag After School for Windows PC and Android APK.

Tag After School is a game for people who enjoy a little bit of terror mixed with their fun. You are placed in the position of a young student attending a Japanese school. You are going to be Shota-Kun, a timid young kid. The game’s terrifying graphics and thrilling content will send shivers down your spine. Investigate the various rooms of a spooky, haunted school. Steer clear of obstacles and ghosts as you search for valuable items. Protect yourself from issues and figure out how to get away.


Compulsive Gaming

The game’s captivating gameplay will occupy your time for many hours. This is a game you can play for hours on end and never get tired of. You can see thrilling visuals while experiencing fear and horror.

Captivating plot

The game tells the engrossing tale of Shota-Kun, a shy schoolboy. The game is also about him taking on a challenge, facing his fears, and coming out on top of them. You have to assist him in getting out of the haunted school where he spends the night.

Several Conclusions

Players will have to make decisions at various stages in this narrative-driven game. The story’s conclusion will be determined by their decisions. Thus, depending on the choices made, there could be several possible game endings.

Numerous Barriers

There are a lot of enemies and obstacles ahead, so proceed with extreme caution. To stay in the game and avoid unwanted issues, you must avoid all obstacles and enemies.

Investigate the Haunted School

You are free to explore the entire campus of the large school. Examine every space in several rooms for important items such as flashlights, batteries, and other items. You can also find a guide girl who will help and tell you when to stop and move.

Easy Controls

In addition, the game’s straightforward controls make it accessible to all players. It is simple to play with your fingers and doesn’t require any complicated systems.


With its localization, Tag After School is an intriguing and fun puzzle game made especially for young people in today’s world. It’s an extremely instructive game that promotes rapid mental development in players. It is combined with a complex puzzle system that is unmatched by other puzzle games for players. I’m itching to play just from hearing about it. How about you? Get the most recent version of Tag After School APK and start using it right now.


How is Tag After School downloaded?

You can get the game from any third-party website as it isn’t available on the PlayStore.

Is it safe to tag after school?

Yes, it is safe to play the game. Although, you must think twice, as it can sometimes be horrifying and exciting at the same time.

Does Android Support Tag After School?

Absolutely, you can play the game on any Android device running version 5.0 or higher.

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