Free VPN Planet Apk

Free VPN Planet Apk
Free VPN Planet Apk
Device: Android
Size: 114MB
Developers:vPN Planet
Updated on: 2/9/2024

“Free VPN Planet Apk” is the greatest Android app for virtual private networks. This app provides high-quality security, bypasses GEO restrictions, DNS protection, and other useful features. Furthermore, this App Apk is an excellent companion for browsing the web, providing advanced user security features. So, visiting the web will be both secure and enjoyable. As a result, download and install this new VPN Android Apk to enjoy browsing the internet.

Android smartphones are regularly used to browse the internet. However, Android users have various motivations for surfing the internet. However, accessing the web without protection is not fully safe. Because the internet is full with malicious websites. As a result, learn about a novel and simple method for protecting your identity online.

What is the Free VPN Planet Apk?

Free VPN Planet Apk is a legally certified, fantastic Android program created by FreeVPNPlanet.Ltd. The goal of organizing this incredible App file is to give the greatest alternative online safe source. This allows users to share and receive crucial data privately.

Due to frequent security breaches, the demand for such online apps has skyrocketed. When we analyze previous data, we can identify which mobile users suffered the most. The main cause for this suffering is a lack of security policies and upgrades.  Servers are securely encrypted. So, when the power is dropped off the server to take it out for expertise – access to the data on the HDD will be impossible.

Planet VPN Features:

5 free locations for you to choose from

No registration or personal data required to connect

1260+ servers · more than 60 countries · 5 continents

DNS- and IP-leak protection

Smart filters for sites in browser extensions

Kill Switch technology

OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols

256-bit encryption

No logs or personal data collection

No limits for free mode

Up to 10 devices simultaneously

Reliable VPN for All Devices:

Our product works with all major operating systems. Install our free VPN on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, smartphones, and tablets running iOS or Android. We provide browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Yandex Browser, and Microsoft Edge. Wi-Fi router compatibility is also included, along with configuration files for any VPN client, such as OpenVPN.


Free VPN Proxy by Planet VPN Android is new VPN software that includes additional countries servers. If you want to utilize a new VPN program with more servers and faster streaming speeds, download it and share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page to get more applications and games.

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