gta 4 apk obb
gta 4 apk obb
Device: android
Size:600 MB
Version: 4
Developers: rockstar
Updated on: 10/15/2023

Few video games have had as much of an influence over the years as the Grand Theft Auto series, and GTA 4 is no different. With the release of the GTA 4 APK for Android, long-time fans of this venerable series may now enjoy their long-awaited mobile version. We’ll go into the features, download choices, usage instructions, and explanation of this much awaited mobile version in this blog post.

With the help of the Android software GTA 4 APK, you may experience Liberty City’s thrilling open world right at your fingertips. Its small size and excellent performance let players explore the mystery and mayhem of this made-up city whenever and whenever they like.


Immersive Open-World Gameplay: Take in Liberty City’s expansive urban landscape, which is home to colorful neighborhoods, tall buildings, and a dynamic day-night cycle.

Traverse the criminal underground and political intrigue of Liberty City alongside the mysterious protagonist.

Take part in a variety of exciting missions, such as fast-paced pursuits, violent shootouts, and difficult decision-making.

Personalize your character’s look and manner of play to make the game seem like no other.

Play in multiplayer mode to interact with other players and friends for a distinctive multiplayer experience in Liberty City.

Improved Graphics: Take pleasure in breathtaking images that are tailored for Android smartphones, providing a gaming experience that matches that of a console.

How to Install?

It’s simple to use the GTA 4 APK on an Android smartphone. Take these easy actions:

Make sure the APK file you download is from a reputable source by checking the website.

Go into the settings on your smartphone and allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.

On your Android smartphone, install the APK by following the instructions displayed on the screen.

You may now start your Liberty City journey by launching the game.


Although there aren’t any direct download links available, a fast web search will turn up a ton of places where you can get the GTA 4 APK for Android. It’s important to pick a reliable vendor to guarantee a secure and easy installation procedure.


Is the GTA 4 APK a part of the official release?

A1: No, Rockstar Games hasn’t officially released it. The game is available on Android smartphones thanks to a fan-made tweak.

Q2: What prerequisites exist for the system?

A2: Depending on the source, the game’s system requirements could vary, but in general, you’ll need a contemporary Android device with a strong processor and enough storage.

Q3: Is this permitted?

A3: It’s not always clear if using GTA 4 APK is legal. Even if the official developers might not support it, it’s imperative that you just use the APK for leisure purposes and never for illicit purposes.


The gritty, urban environment of Liberty City can be explored again on your smartphone with the exciting GTA 4 APK for Android. This fan-made version puts a taste of the Grand Theft Auto experience right at your fingertips with its engaging plot, intense gameplay, and abundance of features. You may experience the thrilling urban activities of Liberty City on your Android smartphone by downloading the APK from reliable sources and using it responsibly.